Version 4.x

Version 4.20d (October/5/12)


  • Schwind AMARIS Import: Import Interface changed to give warning for existing patient ID numbers. Attempted refraction not overwritten during re-import of Amaris data. Transfers Software Version info.
  • Graphs: '0' Eyes problem fixed in double ange scatter plots under Office 2003; Average Refraction over Surgey Date displays average values only if n>=10 eyes.

Version 4.20c (August/30/12)


  • A problem introduced in 4.20b which caused some 'over time' graphs to dissapear has been fixed.
  • More Graphic problems which occurred under MS Office 2003 are fixed.

Version 4.20b (June/25/12)


  • Dataentry: Free text input into 'Additional surgery' field possible; 'Nomogram/treatment method' only visible on Follow Up I tab; Formatting changes on tabs; Graph IOP / SCA over time removed; YAG capsulotomy and YAG iridotomy can be seen in table view from now on; upper limit of K1 and K2 now 90 instead of 70 D.
  • Graphs: New graph: 'Additional Surgey'
  • Excel Import/Export: improved deciam VA import from Excel
  • BDTA Import: imports data from 'Genie' software.
  • Schwind AMARIS Import: Automated laser type recognition fixed; Bug fixed which caused wrong target refraction entries after re-importing AMARIS data files.
  • EureQuo Interface: User defined Entries under 'Additional Surgery' which dont follow the EureQuo norm are not exported.

Version 4.20a (Feb./7/12)


  • Dataentry From: Delta K-Vector Graph does not produce error messages any more when preOP data is missing. Follow UP II table is refreshing automatically when filing new patient on Follow UP I tabl.
  • Graphs: Chaning trendline options does not cause 'white graphs' any more. Additional data of +-0.5 and +- 1.0 D percentages is added to the standard D graph.
  • Excel Import/Export: Converting contrast visual acuity values into different fromat depending on defaults settings.

Version 4.20 (Jan./09/12)


  • Data Entry Form: Satisfaction check box can be re-set to netral. Questionaire text labels limited to 65 characters. New vector graph for K-value changes. Fixed bug which prevented filing new patient in table view. Default values loaded also when importing, updating and clicking on re-calc.
  • Graphs: Questionaire graph changed to allow more filter options. Removed filter on 'extra visit'. Correction in 'last visit' algorithm. Fixed Access 2003 bug showing wrong nunber of eyes in scatter plot. New graph 'Binocular cumulative BCVA / UCVA vision'
  • Interfaces: Amaris import for eye tracking data fixed.
  • Nomogramms:
  • File format: unchanged, same as version 4.09.
  • General: Datagraph icon bar re-appears after re-start in case it was deleted by the user.

Version 4.10 (Aug./08/11)


  • Data Input: Complications-rate now updated correctly.
  • Graphs: New graph 'refractive astigmatism' added. Modification of standard graphs according to new JRS and JCRS requirements; ±0,5 and ±1,0 D limits added to all scatter plots. Scales can be changed more easily. Filter option 'last Visit' now available in more graphs. VA over Time graphs now also in log mar unit. Trendline options fixed in double scatter plots.
  • Interfaces: new version of Schwind AMARIS import interface including date of surgery. Re-OP will be filed in case of pre-existing data. Version 1.8 now with serial number, surgeon, treatment and Amaris type.
  • Nomogramms: TMinor text label changes and improved 'Apply Filter' button visibility.
  • File format: unchanged. Version 4.10 and version 4.09 can share the same backend in a network enviorment.

Version 4.09 (Apr./4/11)


  • General: F1 help functioin activated. New 'PrintScreen' and 'send per e-mail' function. Improved screen zooming function for data entry form.
  • Graphs: Filter settings remain unchanged until shut down. Better text formatting of population graph. Finer resolution (0.25 D) in some graphs showing refractive outcomes. 'Show Data' table extended for VA Graphs. Near VA Graphs include now Point and LogMar scales.
  • Data Input: Field size of social security number now 20 digits. Remarks field visible now also on 'FollowUp 1' tab. Filter settings remain unchanged until shut down.
  • Interface: New version of the EUREQUO transfer program to upload into EUREQUO online database. BDTA Data import more tolerant against out of range values. ODBC Database-link fixed for Access2007/2010. Nidek OPD-Station import interface fixed (correct import of strehl value). New import option for K-Values and Zernike coefficients from CSO SIRIUS. Improved Schwind-Amaris import of format 1.7 including link to existing data. Support of international country settings during Amaris data import.


Version 4.08a (Dec./23/10)

fixes data conversion problem which caused a chrash during the import of older data if re-treatment dates where missing or entered incorrectly. Minor text label changes


Version 4.08 (Dec./13/10)

greatly improved version with new features and a large number of detail improvements. Our export interface to the EUREQO ESCRS online Database has been completed. From now on the export of cataract surgery data as well as various rafractive procedures is possible. New fields and categories are introduced in order to ensure compatibility with EUREQO standards.

Our graph 'retreatment rate' was not displayed correctly under Office 2010 which has now been fixed. Filing re-treatments has been improved. The last exam date of the initial surgery is taken automtically as pre-Retreatment data. Additional field options where added to the table view. The maximum field length of the treatment ID has been increased from 15 to 30 characters. New graphs for cyclo- and auto-refraction over time have been added. The default installation folder is now directly at the system drive (example: "C:Datagraph-med 4.08Datagraph 4.08A10.mde") which makes it possible that different users with different log in can work with the same installation of Datagraph-med.


Version 4.07a (Oct/4/10)

the use of logMar VA scales on the near VA tab has been fixed

file selection history box made wider to display full paht

other minor text label changes


Version 4.07a (Sept/28/10)

Minor Changes

the drop down list 'treatment ID' can be sorted by ID, Name or date. (multiple function sort button next to treatment ID)

new abbreviations for visual acuities according to JCRS standarts are used

finer categories in age distribution graph

several Access 2010 related graphing issues fixed

Eurequo user name and password now kept in front end

improved calculation speed for pachymetric change

Zernike Data 'no extrapolation' check box fixed

table view displays selected zernike values properly

complication lists can be set under Access 2010 enviorment

cumulative near UCVA with far correction graph fixed



Version 4.07 (Aug/29/10)

New Features

Export interface for refractive treatment data to the European online Database system 'EUREQUO'. (Cataract data export in preparation). Complication and treatment category list according EUREQUO requirements.

HACSS (M&S Tech. Inc, USA) contrast senstitivit test data can be colllected and graphed.

MS Office 14.0 (Office 2010) supported.



Version 4.05 (Dec.19th09)

New Features

List of peviously opened Backends is shown.

New graph 'Average Cylinder Magnitude over Time' as part of 'Astigmatism' group of graphs.

New graph 'UCVA over Time' under 'Distant Visual Acuity'.

BackEnd (Datafile)

Bugs fixed during backup and compression during shutdown under Access 2007.

RepetitionRateMyopia (Amaris repetion rate) can now be over 200.

TotalLaserPulses field format - now 'long' (before 'integer'); up to 32.000.

Bug fixed during updateing from 2.90h files.

Schwind Amairs Import fixed changing laser type.

Excel Import/Export

Improved speed.

Warning if decimal setting is other than point.

Export of VA data like the current fomat settings.

Import: VA fields are expected in the currently set format and will be conveted to logmar automatically.


Warning message because of outliers appears only once and not after each change of filter.

Fliter settings become active only after clicking "Apply Filter" button.

If graph not updated it appears in gray and an 'Apply Filter" button is shown.

Data entry form

Labes of the 5 user defined fields are set now in the  specific sub forms.

Tabel view

Complications fields removed and addes torsion1-2 (SCC, DCC min, max) instead.

Call for Follow Ups' und 'Missing Follo Ups'

Can now be filtered like form and graphs.


Near VA now also avaliable in logMar.

Zernike Dataimport

Imports exact analysis diameter of Zernike Data (before Integer)


Version 4.04

Values for 'IOL vault' can now be entered for different postOP intervalls. Two new fields for IOL spherical aberration and near add. Bug fixed and day 1 postOP data can be exported correctly. IOL data is now excluded from nomogram calculations. New graphs for binocular near/far vision over time have been added. Age at day of surgery now re-calculated more often. Fields for laser fluence re-activated on Visx Laser forms. Deleting of individual postOP exam data in table view now possible. Display of visual acuity in table view now again according VA type settings. Bug fixed for correct NIDEK OPD-Scan Dataimport. MS Excel now closed correctly even after  unexpected shut down.  Compatibility with arabic and far east versions of Windows Vista has been improved.


Version 4.03

Improved Export to MS Excel. From now on Zernike coefficients of pre and postOP exams can be exported correctly to Excel. Further text changes on the export form. New option to refresh the data table added to the tools menu. Graph 'reOP vs. initial Treatment' now is working again. User defined Scatter Plots are extended and allow to plot all variables on either X-Axis or Y-Axis. Show Data behind Graph for User Defined Scatter Plot corrected. A bug which caused wrong vertex distance values when importing version 3.20 or earlier data into version 4.0 was fixed. The graph 'FDA Stability' is now shown again correctly. Importing data from Schwind Amaris has been improved.

Added fields and functions: The form for MEL 80 Laser data was extended by Torsion und Offset fields; new graphs show double ange scatter plots of the keratometric astigmatism; centroid labelling of double angle plots now contain standard devations; fields for intermediate near vision; 1.5 CPD contrast sensitivity fields;


Version 4.0a

The first bugfix of version 4.0 adresses the following issues: nomogram display now updated when changing from myopic to hyperopic patient groups; display of filter settings next to graphs corrected; re-display of 'show data' window after changing screen resolution; printing of graphs on nomograms when filter settings are made is now possible; month filter options 1-4 and 5-12 m are removed from nomograms for security reasons; zooming of main window improved, reduced recalculation frequency of background data tables for faster performance.


Version 4.00

Datagraph-med was completeley redesigned for full compatibility with the current MS Offcie Version 2007 and Windows Vista. New features and graphs where added and the data entry mask has been redesigned. A major improvement is the new nomogram calculation tool which uses multiparametric regression analyis for nomogram generation based on your onw clinical data. Cylinder cross coupling effects are expressed in a 5 coefficient formula which allows you to improve your nomograms.

Download and have a look at version 4.0 today and see the best version of Datagraph-med!